JOB ORIENTED EDUCATIONAL TRAINING - Ashtang Sidhh (meditation) Yog Course
  Homoeopathy - An Introductory Course
  First Aid Emergencies Course
  Human Rights
  Ashtang Sidhh (meditation) Yog Course
  Health Volunteer's Course

YOGA is a science as well as an art of healthy living. It is no way limited by race, age, sex, religion, caste, creed and any other boundaries and can be praciced by those who seek an education on better living and those who want to have amore meaningful life.

This course is of TWO week duration and during which one will learn:

* The science of Yoga and its techniques
* Yoga - to suit modern sociological needs   and lifestyle 
* Yoga - its six system
* Ashtang Yoga - for all round development of human personality
* Role of Yoga techniques in prevention of disease and promotion of health
* Practical training to practice the eight fold path of Yoga (Ashtang Yog)
* How to control flow of thoughts and gathers concentration.

Duration of class: TWO hours. Five days a week.

Fee: Rs.1800/-

Batch size: Twenty only.

For admission and guidance, please contact your nearest centre.


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