Homoeopathy - An Introductory Course
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Course contents 

*What is homeopathy? And what homeopathy is NOT 
*Basics: law of similar, potentisation / potencies, drug proving 
*Why homeopathy? 
*What does health mean? 
*Healing process vs. suppression of symptoms 
*The vital force and its disturbed state as the cause of disease 
*Basic differences between homeopathy and conventional medicine (allopathic) 
*Basics of Anatomy & Physiotherapy
*What can homeopathy do? 
*What are the limitations? 
*Taking the case - starting point and central part of the homeopathic treatment 
*Acute or chronic? A very important question. 
*Finding the remedy... 
*Which symptoms are especially important (hierarchisation)? 
*Repertorisation -finding the remedy with the help of the repertory - don't worry - all these expressions are explained in the course. By the way, there will also be doctor (repertory) you can discuss for the exercises in finding the right remedy 
*We have found the right remedy. What now? 
*Selection of potency (homeopathic dose) 
*How often should the remedy be given? Lots of mistakes are made here
*The reaction of the organism to the remedy. What kind of reactions can occur and what does it mean? Is it good or not and in what way should the treatment be continued? 
*What you should pay attention to as a patient 
*Classical homeopathy as opposed to other forms of or deviations from homeopathy 
*Does the homeopath I am thinking of consulting practice real homeopathy? 
*Homeopathy is so effective, safe and cheap. How come it is not far more accepted and practiced? Present scenario of homeopathy in India
*History of homeopathy 
*Miasms - the fundamental cause of disease. This is an advanced topic
*A critical look at vaccinations / homeopathic prophylaxis 
*Important remedies for acute conditions, injuries and emergencies 
*Homeopathy for travelers 

Students will interact under the guidance of qualified Homeopathic practictioner who will let them learn the medicines and its remedial effects/doses.

The course will show you how to use homoeopathy effectively and safely. However, it will also convey the limitations of self-medication. Many homeopathy guidebooks make you believe you can treat anything yourself. After this course you will have an understanding of what you can treat yourself and what should be treated by a professional homeopath. Those wish to work as assistant to the practicing doctor; this course will be an advantage. The more you learn, the more you can treat yourself.

After the course you will receive a certificate of participation.


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