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M/s. Sevarth Shiksha Sansthan (SSS), 91, Manav Vihar, Sector-15, Rohini, Delhi-110085 (the Franchisor) offeres a number of courses and to benefit the masses wishes to appoint franchisee across the country.

M/s.----------------------------------------------------having its office/institution at----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(the franchisee) wishes to take up the courses being offered by the franchisor (sss) at their institute.

That the franchisee (M/s......................................) agrees;

A- the courses being offered by the franchisor (sss) will be the sole property of the franchisor. The franchisor : franchisee share division will be 20 : 80% of the fee collected from every enrolled students. 
FRANCHISEE FEE: Rs.20,000/- one time payment, will be paid by the Franchisee to Franchisor at the time of signing the agreement. The fee, once paid, will not be refunded, adjusted or transfer.
The franchisee will ensure from its share of 80% the following activities: 
1) the franchisee know that the offered courses are not affiliated to any governmental or non-governmental Institutions / Organizations / Agencies. The franchisee will where necessary get its establishment registered with government agencies, preparation and submission of documents, taxes, etc. for smooth functioning. Franchisor where required, will help in doing so for smooth functioning of franchisee centre.
2) the franchisee will not tamper, modify, add or delete any or part thereof of the contents of study being supplied by the franchisor for the sake of education/training to students being enrolled at its centre.
3) the francisee will not use the study material for its personal benefit by sub letting to other party/institution.
4) the franchisee will not use the material to its other branch or sister concern for any manner. The franchisor will send its staff for training to franchisee's staff and their to & fro expenses including boarding/lodging will be borne by the franchisee.
5) the franchisee will do / appoint suitable trainer/s, practical arrangements, sitting arrangement/s, study displays, wall hangings, lab equipments, samples, etc. required as per the course/s being offered to the students from his/her centre. The staff of franchisee will in no manner be the staff of franchisor and all liabilities towards staff, its salary, benefits, etc. including taxation, premises, its maintenance, rent, etc. matters related to functioning of centre will be the sole responsibility of franchisee and franchisor in no manner whatsoever be involved or liable.
6) the franchisee will advertise in their area of operation by choosing the best reached method of approach to promote the course/s being offered by the franchisor. The franchisee will use the promotional material being provided (samples) by the franchisor for advertisement. Proper office staff with counselors be made available to students/parents to handle their FAQs / counseling.
7) the franchisee will maintain the institute with proper infrastructure and the location of the institute must be approachable to main road. Two class rooms of 15x20' and one office of 10x10' with public utility facility and proper drinking water facility and parking must be adhered to.
8) the franchisee will keep the master copy of the study material in safe custody. Students will be given photo copies of the materials being taught on class wise. Proper records of the admissions, attendance, distribution of study material, etc. be maintained.
9) the franchisee will deposit the franchisor's share of 20% within 48 hours of fee received from the student. The details of which will be submitted to the franchisor through email and once in a fortnight hard copies of the transactions be sent to franchisor for records. The franchisor's staff can visit the franchisee office for cross verification of records. Any discrepency found or observed, the franchisee will clear the same within 24 hours.
10) the franchisee will ensure proper arrangement of examination to be conducted by the franchisor's staff. The franchisee will make proper stay/fooding/transport arrangement for the examners coming from Delhi for conducting the exams. 
11) any new course addition or withdrawal of any course will be the sole property / decision of the franchisor. In the event of withdrawal, the franchisee will return the entire study material/s provided by the franchisor. In the event of non-aaceptance of new courses by the franchisee. the franchisor will appoint new franchisee to run such course/s and franchisee will not claim any right whatsoever on new introduction.
12) in the event of complaints/mis handling of franchisor's materials or deviation in any manner found by the franchisor, the franchisor will give one month's notice to the franchisee or till the course completion to close all the activities, stop further admissions and return the entire materials and settle the account. The franchisee or its relatives, in the event of cancellation of franchisee will not run the courses being offered by the franchisor for next TWO years in their area/region.
13)in case the franchisee wishes to discontinue the courses, can give notice to the franchisor and will complete the running course/s at its premise keeping in view the benefit of the students.
14) Examination/Entrance/Scholarship fee where applicable will be shared 60:40 between franchisee:franchisor. Franchisee will ensure examination premise, siting arrangements,examinors, examination stationery, public utility facilities, smooth functioning of examination, safe handling of examination papers and answer sheets, distribution and checking of roll numbers, hall passes, staff's lunch/brunch, etc. Franchisor will provide examination head, helping staff to head, printing of examination paper, safe handing of papers to franchisee, supervision of examination, collection of answer sheets, declaration of results, preparation and handing of results / certification to franchisee for onward communication / distribution of results to students.
15) where franchisor offer ASSURED JOB ORIENTED course/s, the division of share will be 50:50 and franchisee will keep the placement cell with staff to promote its students in the job market locally. Franchisor will assist in setting up of placement cell. Franchisee will under the guidance and supervision of franchisor will advertisement/promote students in the job market and expenses to this effect will be borne by the franchisee from its share. Share coming from placement will be deposited in franchisor's account within next 24 hours and details thereof will be emailed/couriered to franchisor.   

The Franchisor will:
1) will provide proper training to franchisee staff.
2) will provide complete study material to the franchisee for smooth running of course/s.
3) will send, where necessary, the subject specialists for better understanding of course and handling of students FAQs. In that case, the franchisee will bear their to & fro with boarding & lodging expenses.
4) will offer new introductions of courses to the franchisee. Will send the up dates on the subjects for updating course materials.
5) will conduct examinations, prepare question papers, evaluate and declare results. The award of certification will be done by the franchisor. 
6) for the betterment of students/courses, where necessary, franchisor will/can change, delete or amend any or all policies/materials and franchisee will abide by the changes.
7) franchisor will render its assistance in opening and managing placement cell at franchisee's premise.
8) where interested students be placed outside the region of franchisee, franchisor will at its own will assist in arranging jobs, tie up with other placement agencies to get students placed. In that event, franchisee will get 20% share from its student bank to be placed outside its region.

In the event of any dispute, the court of law at Delhi/New Delhi will be knocked.

This agreement is properly read and understood by both the parties and  signed on -----------------day of -------------month--------year 

Signature with seal of franchisor

Signature and seal of franchisee

Witness (name, address with contact number)

Witness (name address with contact number)

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